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Admission Appeal  for September 2024 Entry


Before completing, please refer to the school generic defence statement and FAQ located on their website.

In accordance with emergency regulations issued by the Department for Education, the Independent Appeals Panel are satisfied that it is not possible to offer remote access for appeals for this school and intend to make their decisions based on the written evidence submitted only. Further information on this process can be found in the FAQ on the school’s website.

If you have an equality consideration that prevents you from providing a written statement and you do not have reasonable support to do so, you are to make the school aware at your earliest convenience. Although the Panel would have a duty to consider your reasons, there would need to be clear grounds for them to identify an alternative format for your appeal to be heard.

Examples of school work your child may have undertaken will not be accepted as the Panel will not be able to make a proper judgement about its quality. The members would have nothing to measure it against and would not know the depth of the work submitted. Also, they would not know whether the work had been carried out unaided

Admission Appeal 2024

    If you or your child have a disability which you believe is relevant to your appeal, please tick:

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