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Canterbury Academy Secondary School Uniform

The Humanities  team aims to provide high quality teaching in a positive and encouraging environment, developing pupils’ confidence to ‘have a go’ at understanding. They will be able to understand the “where” of places and events and become more culturally aware, as well as developing an understanding of the origins of different peoples and important events that have shaped their world.

Middle School

All students study History and Geography. In History, students study a range of topics from The Norman Conquest through to World War Two and The Holocaust. Students also complete two independent historical investigations. In Geography students study a range of physical and human geography topics, developing a range of geographical skills.

In RE students study the 5 main world religions and a range of moral and ethical issues. Students learn about the teachings and practices of different religions as well as gaining an understanding of the impact of religion on society and their own lives


Senior School

Students have the choice to study Geography or History at GCSE, with the option to study both. In History, students develop exam based analysis skills through a range of topics including Nazi Germany and a local site study. In Geography students will conduct fieldwork and look at geographical issues in the modern world, including topics such as natural hazards and physical landscapes.


Sixth Form

A wide variety of A-Levels are available in the Sixth Form including Geography, History, Philosophy and Ethics and Politics,