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It is the main aim of the mathematics faculty to provide engaging, purposeful learning and excellent teaching that will allow students to make good progress through the middle and senior school and equip students with the mathematical and problem solving skills needed in life.  

Mathematical thinking is important for all members of a modern society for its use in the workplace, business and finance; and for personal decision-making. Mathematics is fundamental to national prosperity in providing tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics. 

Our mastery mathematics with confidence approach is embedded throughout the curriculum.

Middle School

As well as developing fluency of maths within the scheme of work, we are providing opportunities for students to problem solve. As a department we feel strongly that being able to solve a mathematical problem is a vital skill for students to develop and learn.  

Our course embeds evidence-based and practical learning to build confidence and develop numerate students to progress to senior school and beyond. Students following the Langton pathway work through a more challenging scheme which prepares these students for possible early entry to GCSE Statistics.



Senior School

Students follow linear Mathematics GCSE. The final assessment is made up of three exams, all 1 hour 30mins long. The first examination is non calculator, the second and third are calculator based. Each examination is out of 80 marks and grades are awarded on the student’s totals from all three papers. We enter students at both Higher (9-4) and a Foundation tier (5-1).

Our students are provided with extensive examination preparation to help ensure each student can achieve their best possible grade.

Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form courses include both A-Level and AS-Level over two years. The new A-Level and AS-Level courses include Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. Students have access to a wide variety of resources to supplement time spent in lessons and encourage independent learning.