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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages team aims to provide high quality teaching in a positive and encouraging environment, developing pupils’ confidence to ‘have a go’ at understanding and communicating in another language. This helps progress and achievement, allowing pupils to gain the skills needed to communicate with people from other countries as well as when in other countries, leading to greater empathy between cultures. They will be able to understand the “where” of places and events and become more culturally aware, as well as developing an understanding of the origins of different peoples and important events that have shaped their world.

Middle School

All students study a Modern Foreign Language in years 7 and 8. Students learn vocabulary useful for everyday life, including numbers, food, hobbies, opinions, daily routine and grammar.


Senior School

French, Spanish and RE are available as options in the Senior School. In French and Spanish, students study a range of topics developing skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. In RE students focus on thematic studies, peace and conflict and crime and punishment.

Sixth Form

A wide variety of A-Levels are available in the Sixth Form including French, Spanish and a wide variety of other languages through our partnership with Kent Language School.