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GCSE 3D Design

Exam Board: OCR

It is designed to encourage learners to develop a wide variety of practical skills from using hand tools, machines and computer aided design and manufacture. It provides an opportunity for learners to experiment and take risks with their work whilst developing their own style, showing creativity and imagination.  

They will learn how to: develop, refine and record their ideas in order to present a personal response that realises their intentions.   
Students will develop knowledge and understanding of art, design in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures to influence their practical work and outcomes.  

By studying Three-Dimensional Design, students will develop transferable skills including how to:

  • Investigate a theme and explore the cultural, environmental, social or historic relevance.
  • Cultivate a creative independence to make decisions.
  • Building personal resilience to understand that not everything will work first time, experimentation and    mistakes build confidence.  


This is a linear qualification. In order to achieve the award, students must complete all assessments at the end of the course and in the same series. Students will complete a 10hr practical exam across 2 days.  

    Enrichment Opportunities

    Guest speakers from Universities, past students, artists and industry professionals. Practical workshops outside of regular lessons to enrich knowledge and experiences. DT clubs that will cover a range of skills/projects throughout the year. 







    Year 10

    Terms 1 and 2

    Introduction to coursework theme 
    Research and sampling to the theme 

    Terms 3 and 4
    Further investigation into the theme using research to inspire and developing a mid-piece 
    Terms 5 and 6
    Create a mid-piece  
    Evaluate mid-piece and develop further through research and sampling

    Year 11

    Terms 1 and 2

    Further investigation into the theme using research and mid-piece evaluation to inspire.

    Plan & make final piece.

    Terms 3 and 4
    Start of Exam unit
    Terms 5 and 6
    Completion of exam unit and 10hr practical exam.