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, Our aim within Science is to encourage students to be more curious about the world around them, and to ask questions about how and why things around us work. Additionally we aim to develop the skills that they will need, not only to answer these questions but also to be successful and fulfilled in their future learning in science and beyond.

Middle School

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students study biology, chemistry and physics. Students explore both theoretical and practical elements, deepening their understanding of science. 

Students following the Langton pathway work through a more challenging scheme which better prepares these students for the rigours of GCSE Triple Science. 






Senior School

Students in the Senior School study GCSE Combined Science with the option to study Triple Science. This consists of more demanding content and extended examinations in all three science disciplines. Triple Science students will earn separate GCSE qualifications in the three sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Sixth Form

Science, post-16, is popular as we offer a range of different subjects. Students are able to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as A-Levels as well as Environmental Science as a more applied science course.

Beyond the curriculum we offer a number of additional enrichment opportunities including clubs, STEM projects and trips.