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Summer School

Summary of summer school activity

Dates of summer school2-6 and 16-20 August 2021

Total number of pupils in attendance

Count of total number of pupils who attended at any point in the summer school


Summary of activities

Brief summary of the range of academic and enrichment activities that made up the Summer School provision

We offered two separate Summer School weeks: one for students in Years 8-13 and the other for new Year 7s. Year 8-13 students were offered a range of daily activities across the curriculum between 2nd-6th August. Middle School, Senior School and Sixth Form students were provided with relevant sessions with specialist staff. Students in Year 7 attended a full Transition Summer School during the week beginning 16th August. All groups were provided with a balanced range of curriculum sessions, including lessons from every school faculty. In addition, students were also provided with orientation and teamwork activities, designed to improve their confidence and preparedness for the start of the academic year. We were able to engage with external partners to provide practical links to Year 7 topics. Parental feedback on both summer schools was very positive.



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