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Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium

At The Canterbury Primary School, the Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium is being used as follows. Students across the primary school are being identified for specific intervention that would make the most impact across all students in the various year groups.

Targeted support is then taking place using a variety of methods. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Phonics, Maths, Speech and Language and Dyslexia interventions
  • Classroom-based interventions for core subjects
  • Teaching and learning resources that can support individual and small groups of students, including a new range of phonics-based reading books
  • Online resources to support home reading and interventions
  • Additional staffing that will enable small-group support within the curriculum
  • Providing children with a nutritional breakfast each morning

For all of these methods, a process of tracking and monitoring will be in place to ensure the funding is used in areas which have the most impact for the students.