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Canterbury Primary School Logo


  • Plain grey/black skirt or trousers of acceptable length.
  • Plain white/purple polo shirt with school logo.
  • Plain purple fleece with school logo.
  • Plain purple sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Plain black footwear, low heels, fully enclosed.
  • We recommend that pupils wear only a watch and stud earrings to school to ensure that they do not get lost or cause a problem during PE and physical activities. No looped earrings or facial piercings.

    PE Kit

  • Canterbury Primary School PE t-shirt, black shorts and sensible trainers or pumps.
  • In PE, jewellery must be removed for reasons of health and safety.
  • ALL items must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Sweatshirts, fleeces, polo shirts, logos and PE t-shirts can be purchased from the school office. Contact us for further information.

CPS students in uniform on toy train

Please note:

  • Trainers with stripes, logos, coloured trims are not acceptable.
  • Pupils who cycle MUST wear a helmet for head protection.
  • Please ensure pupils do not wear nail varnish and make up to school.



We decided, some time ago, for safety and security reasons that certain items; ‘hoodies’, ‘caps’ or any other form of clothing, which could prevent facial recognition, must not be worn on site.   However, during hot weather spells sun hats are required to protect against the sun.