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At The Canterbury Primary School we strive for successful, determined, imaginative learners and our rich and relevant curriculum is planned and delivered with our vision and values at its core.

Our main learning takes place through well thought out topics, which include trips, visitors to the school and themed days, in order to further enrich the children’s experiences. Personal and social development plays a significant part in our school, with dedicated lesson time focusing on this aspect of the children’s education.

Each class learns six new topics a year (one per term), to encourage a broad range of experiences. All topics are mapped against the National Curriculum programmes of study and begin with a launch experience, which aims to immerse the children in the learning to come. Topics act as an umbrella, under which children learn across each subject. All foundation subjects are taught through our topics and we aim to make explicit which subject is being taught within each lesson, so that children understand the core concepts of each specific subject. Reading and Writing are linked to the termly theme, as is maths wherever possible. Carefully selected books are chosen to support and enhance each topic.

As a school for all the talents, we encourage children to identify their strengths and passions by exposing them to a range of learning experiences. All Key Stage 1 children take part in weekly enrichment afternoons, designed to provide them with opportunities to develop and identify their own interests and talents. This is then taken forward into Key Stage 2 where the children take part in weekly ‘Academies’, to provide a more in-depth focus on their chosen area.


We feel that in order to be successful, global citizens it is of vital importance that our children have a knowledge and understanding of foreign languages. In 2016, it became a legal requirement for all children in Key Stage 2 to learn a foreign language; at The Canterbury Primary School our chosen languages are French and Spanish, which are taught by a designated Languages Teacher. This provision is also extended to Key Stage 1 classes, which means all children in the school have access to high quality language tuition throughout their time with us.


Preparing students for transition from primary to secondary school plays a large part in the curriculum. Both through developing independence and resilience in our students throughout the curriculum, building in Year 6, as well as through a bespoke transition programme at the end of Year 6.


Extra-curricular opportunities are an important aspect of the school, with children able to choose from a wide range of after school clubs available across the year.



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Please see below for links to the curriculum maps for at The Canterbury Primary School. We are currently on Cycle 2: