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City View Pre-school and Nursery

At City View, fun and learning go hand-in-hand. We believe that having a qualified teacher in each of our settings supports high-quality learning outcomes for all of our children. We have come a long way since we introduced qualified teachers into our provision, and we believe that this has helped to raise the standards of learning to a high quality; the high standards of provision inspire the children to learn and encourage them to reach their full potential. The results across the whole provision have helped to boost the status of our settings.

City View has a bright and spacious hall, giving us the opportunity to provide a wide range of activities with plenty of room for our children to explore and learn. The hall is arranged into areas that include a relaxing sensory/ book area, a space for creative/messy play, a construction zone and a large dining area for the children to enjoy their meals together. The children have open access to all the resources and ample room to move around freely.


Caterpillar Room – “Meeting the needs of each unique child”

Our Caterpillar Room has been especially designed to ensure a safe, stimulating environment for children aged between three months to two years. The Caterpillar Room is the first step on an exciting journey when children join us. The room is light and spacious; the layout has been particularly planned to give a feeling of welcoming homeliness and comfort. The children in this room are provided with learning opportunities that encourage their natural curiosity and engage them in age-appropriate play.

Our dedicated team of practitioners in the Caterpillar Room are extremely motivated, friendly and caring. They are committed to building secure and trusting relationships with children and parents. Every child in our Caterpillar Room will have their own Key Person who will care and support them with all their emotional, learning and developmental needs.

The Caterpillar Room has a variety of zones, including a designated area for the youngest children to enable them to play securely, and a relaxing sleep area where there are several different styles of cots and nests to suit the child’s preference and the requirements of the parents. It is essential that the child’s sleep times mirror home routines. Therefore, the key person will adopt the routine desired by the parents.

The children in the Caterpillar room are developing physically, socially and emotionally and are given a wide range of enjoyable activities to engage them in learning experiences.


The Wincheap Pre-School

Where Children are provided with motivating opportunities to learn in a ‘fun and inspiring way’

Ladybird Room – “Encouraging natural desires to investigate, experience and have a go

The strong exploratory impulses of two-year olds are stimulated through a wide range of exciting, practical experiences provided in the Ladybird Room. Practitioners in this room are totally ‘tuned in’ to the fascinating world of two-year olds and their natural desire to investigate and explore their surroundings, whilst considering each child’s individual needs.

Our room offers a variety of new experiences for the children to develop their own interests through play and exploration. The children can choose where they would like to play in our carefully designed open-plan room or in the outside area.

We believe that each child has a unique learning style, which we identify through effective observations, planning and assessment. This enables every Key Person to meet the needs of their individual key children, and to plan to extend their learning experiences. Parents/carers will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s needs with their Key Person when they wish; we value working in partnership with parents/carers to share any concerns or milestones achieved at home.

Why not come and see for yourself? We operate an open-door policy and would be delighted to show you around.

Free early education – government funding

We offer 15 hours a week of ‘Free For Two’ (FF2) funding for all eligible 2 year olds and 30 hours per week for all eligible 3 and 4 year olds.

30 Hours of free childcareEarly Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is available for all eligible children over 3 years. This is funding towards your child’s development at nursery, not towards payment costs.

To find out if your child is eligible for 2, 3, or 4 year old funding visit

City View Nursery

Butterfly Room – “Understanding and nurturing the growing independence of three-year olds”

The Butterfly Team are highly experienced practitioners who provide a comprehensive range of purposeful activities to encourage and facilitate three-year olds’ natural desire to become independent learners.

Each child will have their own Key Person who will develop a strong emotional and social attachment with the child and their family. Through sharing information with parents/carers, each Key Person can ensure that each child has someone at the nursery who knows them really well, who understands their individual needs, and who supports their emotional well-being. The Key Person will document each of their key children’s learning journeys. This enables them to create an individual development plan that is unique to each key child’s specific phase and style of learning.

We operate an open-door policy in our settings and would welcome the opportunity to show you around. We are confident that you will see for yourself our high standard provision that meets the distinct needs of our children and their families.

canterbury academy campus

Bumble Bee Room – “Where children further their learning journey to become ‘School Ready’”

The Bumble-Bee room is especially equipped to challenge the intellectual development of children of four years and above.

The team of qualified and highly experienced pre-school practitioners are committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment where children develop their skills, follow instructions and respond to children and adults in an appropriate and caring manner.

Each child will have a Key Person who will focus on and support their individual needs, document their learning journey, and encourage them to have a ‘voice’ that will be respected and listened to. The Key Person will make informed choices about each child’s needs and further their journey towards independence.

The summer term is a particularly significant period for the children in the Bumble-Bee Room as they actively participate in the transition process, working in close partnership with their future primary school.

Each room has an outside learning environment, which encourages children to understand about the world around them. The activities created stretch their imaginations and encourage independence, regardless of age. Being able to go outdoors, whatever the season gives children different experiences from splashing in puddles and making snow angels in winter, sowing seeds in spring, exploring and learning about nature in autumn and outdoor picnics in the summer. We embrace all weathers as this allows children better experiences.

City View Nursery