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Edexcel A Level Geography

What’s it about?

A Level Geography covers a wide range of contemporary themes and issues.  Geography, and the world we study, is ever-changing, which is why there is a focus on fundamental processes that reflect the world around us and foster an understanding of what could impact its future. The specification requires students to:  

  • Develop a range of geographical skills – this includes quantitative skills (mathematical and statistical), qualitative skills (interviews, creative and social media, geographical representations), and geospatial skills (which might be more quantitative in nature: for example, geographical information systems (GIS); or qualitative: for example, interpreting photos, sketches and drawings). 
  • Build on fieldwork skills – fieldwork is a vital part of studying geography, and it is a compulsory factor of the course.  A Level requires a minimum of four days. 


    Entry Requirements:

    We would recommend a grade 6 at GCSE in geography and a grade 6 at GCSE in English. 


    Mrs. C. Horii – Director of Teaching and Learning

      The Canterbury Academy Sixth Form

      Course Content

      The course involves studying four units over two years and includes the following elements: 

      First Year: 

      Dynamic Landscapes – Tectonic processes and hazards and landscape systems, processes and change (coastal landscapes and change). 

      Dynamic Places – Globalisation and shaping places (regenerating places). 

      Second Year:    

      Physical Systems and Sustainability – The water cycle and water insecurity and the carbon cycle and energy security. 

      Human Systems and Geopolitics – superpowers and global development and connections (migration, identity and sovereignty). 


      Within the A Level there will also be an Independent Investigation which is a 20% contribution to A Level qualification. 


        This course will enable you to study geography or related degrees, for example, geology/meteorology at university.  



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